Latest Hottest Glo Free Browsing Cheat with Tweakware and HTTP Injector

I believe you will agree with me that Glo is undoubtedly the best to go for. But when we subscribe even with a good Glo network in our location, our browsing and downloading speed is still nothing to write home about. This is why we will be discussing Glo unlimited Free Cheat For Fast Browsing 20222

Since last month, what have been trending is Glo free browsing cheats and trust me this cheat gonna make you forget subscription which is very fast in term of unlimited download, in case you missed out our past hottest working cheat for all network click here to view them

So far, we've talked about the cheat on Glo with Anonytun VPN and Stark VPN + Glo Jumbo Tricks, today, we're going to see how to set up this free browsing on Glo using Http Injector and Tweakware.

Just stay focused and read along, as for those who complained about reconnecting should give this one a try or root their phones for maximum experience.
glo free browsing

Before we proceed, make sure you set your APN as follow

Name: Naijaadvance
Apn -
IP -
Port - 443 or 8081
Username - jioq
Pass - jioq
Server -

Best Glo APN
Done?? OK, lets look into the settings for tweakware and Http injector separately.


Download Tweakware from play store – here

Download the beta file for this tweak - HERE

Open your Tweakware app, click on SETTINGS on the top corner of your screen.

Tap on Import Tweak

After successfully importing the file go back to your tweakware homepage, and underneath the Free Server – Auto Select, tap on the bar underneath it and select Custom .

Hit the CONNECT button and wait for at least ten (10) seconds for it to connect.


if that way proved abortive which i know is impossible try this;

After you click on SETTINGS on the top corner of your screen.

Tap on Custom Tweak

Select Connection Mode as HTTP

Input 80 as the Server Port

Type in in the Host Header

Select Header Line Type as Multiline

Then go back and tap CONNECT.

Glo Free Browsing Cheat with Tweakware and Http Injector


Glo Free Browsing Cheat with Tweakware and Http Injector

P.S: Make sure you've already applied the above APN settings too before going for this one. Click here to see all our working latest free browsing cheat for all network

Download Http Injector from Playstore or Here

After that import the two [beta] file's for this tweak >


The files are still in their beta stages, so you may experience some glitches when using it though.

HTTP Injector
After that On your http injector tick:

√ data compression,
√ DNS,
√ Lastly, Set your local port to port 8080 in ssh setting's.
That's all for now, more updates will roll out later.

All you need to do now is choose the one that works for you and as i said earlier it works more better on rooted phones.

kindly drop comments and Month.

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