Being a first class student is the hope and dream of everyone who goes to a tertiary institute, getting a first class honour in any university is not an easy tasks, there are some challenges you face.
The only question is, do you have the power to overcome them and reach that desired goal.

We all want first-class honour not only because of the lucrative jobs that comes with it, but the confidence and feeling of achievements that comes with graduating with best marks.

Here are top 10 secrets of what you should do to get first class

1: A personal relationship with God
In this area God is number one, in the sense that no matter how you read, attend lectures, burn night candles, if God is not there, just forget about it.

Always put God in the front line when faced with any kind of challenge.

2: Stay focused
Staying focused is essential in achieving your aim, you may be faced with different kind of distractions from friends but you have to stay determined.

Always try to keep the dream alive.

3: Stay ahead of others
Always try to read ahead, be ahead of the normal class lectures, be ahead of the lecturers, ahead of your mates.

4: Attend classes
Making first-class honour your aim, you shouldn't take this point lightly, because this is the main reason of going to school.

Missing lectures for no reason shows lack of seriousness and taking your education with levity hands, which are not part of the characteristics of a first-class student.

5: Associate with serious people
This is very important, because your association matters a lot, making friends who are serious brings even more will to succeed.

But on the other hand, associating with  friends who are not serious make you to be like them one day.

There is a saying that, show me your friend and I will tell you whom you are.

6: Find help if needed
Always ask serious friends, lecturer, about anything that may seem to confuse you, because you can never know everything at a time.

If you don't understand any course or assignment, feel free to approach any lecturer or senior who knows more than you do, that is also a way of gaining additional knowledge.

7: Have a personal interest in your course
Most people fail to get first-class because at the beginning they didn't have interest in the course that they were given.

If you don't develop interest in your course, you definitely will not enjoy it, and when you don't enjoy it studying for tests and examination becomes ineffective.

8: Have a study group or reading partner
The truth is that no one is an island of knowledge, no matter how brilliant you are, they are some more intelligent than you.
All you have to do is find those people make friends with them, create a study group for sharing knowledge.

Find partners who can motivate and challenge you into action, engage yourself in competition with them, but a healthy one.

9: Always try to know many thing
A character of a first class student is the hunger for knowledge, they always try to learn new things, they take time to make researches a gain clearer knowledge of a particular course.

This gives them a broad understanding and make them perform excellently well in all tests and exams.

10: Make Relationship a no go area
It is very rare or impossible to see a first-class graduate having a boyfriend or girlfriend in school, that serves as the maximum distraction a student can get during schooling.

Relationship always attract emotions, which always disorganize a student and leads to low grade and poor student performance

Always make studying your primary reason of going to school.

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