Latest MTN %100 Data Bonus Offer Via IMEI Tweaking and See New Imei number- Impulse Alternative

This is the Latest Working MTN %100 Data Bonus Offer With Full Steps which we're updating everyone about.
Today am sharing another interesting article which would be useful mostly to MTN users who seems to be tired of the way Mpulse data is fluctuating without stability.

Believe me, if you are looking for another alternative to mpulse, then you should try this out, only when you are ready to buy normal data without hesitation.

This Latest Working MTN %100 Data Bonus Offer With Full Steps has been tested and confirmed by us without any issues and am sure if you follow the steps & procedures provided below, you would find it quite amazing.

Remember : You can use it if you're fed up of mpulse & 0.0k because you will have to buy normal data plan by dialing *131# to get the MTN %100 Data Bonus but if not, you may skip it and share with others who might be interested in using it..
MTN %100 Data Bonus Offer Steps


IMEI Tools app : | IMEI Tools_8.0.apk

Chamelephon IMEI changer app | Chamelephon_1.0.apk

To get all the latest working imei kindly visit our Telegram group, we decided to keep it updating there.

NOTE: your Android must be rooted!

1. Open the IMEI tools app
2. Swipe to the phone IMEI tab
3. Change the phone type to Samsung Galaxy On7
4. Select the number of IMEI to be generated.. Preferrably2000 because many people will try this
5. Select any IMEI at random and copy it
6. Open your chamelephon app and paste the IMEI in the available slot for each sim respectively
Note that for dual SIM android.. You need to change theIMEI only for the sim slot you have your MTN sim
7. Apply the IMEI and reboot your android device

How to Get a Working imei Number

To get a latest working imei kindly visit our Telegram group, we decided to keep it updating there 

DONE! You should get a message from MTN congratulating you on activating the MTN %100 Data Bonus like the image below 👇

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