Latest HTTP Injector Settings For 9mobile Streaming Bundle To Power All Apps (600mb capped)

Recently, I shared HTTP Injector settings for 9mobile "social media only" plan in order to power all apps, but today, I'll be sharing yet another HTTP Injector settings for 9mobile Streaming bundle to power all apps.

This new 9mobile Streaming cheat is quite similar to the 9mobile social media cheat we recently posted but with little difference which I will explain later in this post. Just take this as an alternative to your data needs.

Actually, this is not totally free browsing cheat as the case may be. You will need to subscribe with just little money and enjoy big data worth 600MB. Without saying much, let's get down to the main topic of this post.

New HTTP Injector Settings For 9mobile Streaming Bundle

  • An Android phone
  • 9mobile 3G or 4G sim
  • Use the default 9mobile APN settings.

> Firstly, subscribe to 9mobile Streaming plan by dialing *200*3*4*4*1#. Cost 200 Naira and valid for just 2 hours.

How To Import Config On HTTP Injector Vpn

> Download HTTP Injector vpn and the 9mobile Streaming Config from the links above 

> After installing HTTP Injector, launch the app 

> Tap on the Paper icon located at the top-right corner 

> Tap on Import Config and locate the 9mobile streaming config file and tap on it to import. 

> Finally, tap Start to connect. It will connect within 10 seconds. When it does connect, launch your browser or any app and start browsing.

Make sure you tick the two boxes as shown below.

Things To Note

  1. This cheat is not unlimited, as it's capped around 600MB
  2. The subscription is valid for 2 hours
  3. You can do multiple subscriptions
  4. Download speed is very very fast
  5. Dial *228# to check minutes remaining
  6. Always check this post for new updated Config file.

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> Now, download latest HTTP Injector VPN.

UPDATED: Download 9mobile Streaming.ehi - (config is valid until 24/08/2019).

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