Latest Airtel 0.0k Http Injector Pro .ehi file Configuration Unlimited Free Browsing and Downloading (1gb capped per day)

Hello, as you all know we are still flexing the latest MTN NG 0.0k free browsing cheat which is currently working but capped at 50mb per day on Many Secure Vpn Apps. This cheat is not unlimited but some sims have been installed on 1 GB while some sims are capsized at 2 GB-3GB per day

Http Injector Settings for Airtel 0.0k Free Browsing Cheat


  • An android phone
  • AIRTEL 3G or 4G SIM without active data
  • Use Default AIRTEL API Settings
  • Http Injector Pro-
  • Configure Your Http Injector for AIRTEL 0.0k cheat.

This cheat doesn't work unlimitedly on all AIRTEL sims. It's capped on some sims. If yours stopped connecting, kindly force stop Http Injector and connect again.

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  1. Nice one
    Thanks for sharing

  2. hello pls the WhatsApp link is all full kindly create another group pls oo this is my contact 08173981777

  3. Enter your comment...I hope it still working

  4. Hello advanced naija blog admin please can you help me and send me this configure file setting?.

    Am really in need of it.

    Which host you use and how to inject method and other settings.