5 Ways To Know If Your Girlfriend Truly Loves You (A Must Read)

In Nigeria today, it is very common for guys to be deceived and duped by ladies all in the name of love.
Some ladies don’t actually love a guy, yet they disguised themselves in pretence and claim they love him so as to empty his pocket.
Here are five ways to know if your girlfriend is for real or not.

A lady who truly loves you will always give you her full attention. She will make you the most Paramount thing in her life. Whenever you call or need her, she will always have time for you. So guys, if your girlfriend is always giving you her full attention, then it means she is for real.

A lady who is not just after your money and who truly loves you, will always inquire about your plans for the future so that she can help you in actualizing it. Does she always ask you of what you intend to do after graduating
Has she ever asked you how many kids you would love to have? Has she ever inquired how you would want your wedding to be, and the kind of house you would love to build? If yes, then it means that she wants to be part of your future. And that means she is for real.

Does your girl always ask you to give her money, or buy this and that for her? If yes, then something is wrong. But hey, don’t get me wrong please. It’s okay for a lady to demand for something once in a while because we all have needs. But if she demands for things more regularly than often, then she is just after your pocket and not your heart. Because a lady that truly loves you would always advice you to be saving your money for future use.

If your girlfriend is truly in love with you, she will always demand that you visit her regularly or she visits you regularly. She would always be happy to introduce you to her friends, parents and family members, just as she would be happy for you to introduce her to your parents, friends and family members as well. But if she doesn’t like these things, then she is just flirting with you, that’s all.

Does your girlfriend always delete the messages in her inbox after she reads them? Is she always scared to answer some certain calls in your presence? Does she hide the names of her toasters and male friends from you? If yes, it obviously means she is cheating on you and that means she is not really in love with you.

A lady that loves you will always open up her deepest secrets to you; secrets that even her best friend and probably her mother are not even aware of. She would tell you everything because she sees you as her soul mate and heart beat, as well as the father of her unborn kids.
You agree with this?

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