See Very Simple Trick To Catch Your Cheating Lover On WhatsApp

You will agree with me that Technology has done good to us in many ways but that doesn't mean there is the bad impact of it as well.

One of the best technological innovations is the internet which now begat many chatting platforms in which WhatsApp is one of them.

Most of us communicates with our lover (boyfriends, girlfriends, husband and wife) via whatsapp as it's easy, fast and economical way of communication better than text messaging.

But some babes and guys who cheats on their lovers also uses whatsapp to "toast" them. So in this short post, I will reveal a simple trick you can use to catch your cheating Boyfriend, Girlfriend, wife or husband on whatsapp red-handed.


It's simple, to catch your boyfriend or girlfriend who cheats on you via WhatsApp, get his or her phone, open the whatsapp app and search this term "LOVE U". This will list all the chats with the phrase "LOVE U" including the one he or she sends to her admirers or the ones she received from toasters. So you need to click on each one to read the full chat that led to "LOVE YOU" or "LOVE U".

NOTE: If you love your lover and don't want heartbreak, kindly ignore this and pretend as if you don't know anything, else what you might see will weigh you down.

Also it's possible your lover never really meant anything serious by saying I love you. So it all depends on the content of each chat that led to that word.

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