How to Browse and Download unlimited on Glo free on UC Mini Handler

Hello guys, I'm here again this post, I have provided the working settings to download unlimited files, videos, music etc using GLO 0.0k on UC Mini Handler, after all failed efforts. At last, the solution is here right on this blog
I want to quickly share an alternative free browsing cheat for Glo using UC Mini Handler. I have been blazing this cheat for over a month now and even some followers of this blog are already blazing this cheat. Though it's not new but it is blazing perfectly well.

Now, we have found a way to use the Glo free browsing on UC mini handler. Using it on the app handler, has yielded positive results and testimonies from naijaadvance fans.
All my free browsing cheats are confirmed by me Kayzzy Admin of this great blog before publishing to the public, just to avoid some comments that will say it's not working or i post fake cheats. That's why nairaalert Blog stands out amongst other related Blogs out there.

Glo 0.0kb is currently browsing and downloading unlimitedly without the use of a VPN. It's amazingly fast in browsing and downloading. It doesn't require much settings as it is straight forward. You will be using UC Mini Handler for this
Without further ado, you can activate the Glo free browsing by strictly making sure you don't have airtime or mobile data on your line. Otherwise, they will be sucked first, before the handler start browsing for free
STEP 1: To activate Glo unlimited free browsing, kindly download this UC mini handler via here. It was developed by Dzebb.
STEP 2: Then, launch the app and configure only these settings:
• Mark Remove Port.
• Use Real Host as Proxy Type.
• Use as Proxy Server.
• Leave others at default.
STEP 3: Now, tap on "OK" button to save as your UC mini handler will open next.
STEP 4: Then, go to any site and start downloading.
Note: Do not download above 200MB (maximum download limit) at a time. If the file is below 200MB, you're free to download multiple files.

Alternative way to download files on UC mini handler:

STEP 1: Go to proxy website.
STEP 2: Copy and paste the "final download link" of the file you want to download in the box provided on the website.
STEP 3: Now, tap on "GO" and start downloading.

Which APN should I use?

Kindly reset your APN to default or use any other one you feel like.

What if my Glo data connection is not coming out Click here to know how enable you browse-as-you-go. This will enable you browse using your mobile airtime. Glo will bring out the data connection once it sees you have data or airtime.

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