Urgent10k: Unlock Between N5,000 To N100,000 With This Quick Loan App

 Urgent10k powered by UGT technologies Ltd is a lending app designed to make the lending process easy. The application grants you easy access to loans with just a few clicks.

The app is on Google Store and App Store for download and you can get started in just a few minutes and most importantly, it is completely free.

A lending decision is made from your credit score as a borrower. Your credit score is based on the information that you provide to the platform. The more genuine this information is, the higher your chances of getting a loan. The more you repay the higher the loan amount you are eligible for.


To qualify for an Urgent10k loan, one must be above 21 years of age and must be employed with a steady income. Our interest rate ranges from 3% to 10% per month, making it a minimum Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 36% and a maximum Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 120%. Our product tenors range from a minimum of 2 months(i.e 60 days) to a maximum tenor of 6 months(i.e 180 days), depending on the product you’re eligible for.

If you get a personal loan product of N10,000 to pay back over a 2-months tenor at an interest rate and fees of 3% per month (36% APR), you will be paying back N600 in interest. Make your total Principal + Interest repayment of N10,600 only.

The platform usually requires no collateral, guarantors, or documents. However, for loans beyond certain amounts, we may require additional documentation. Nevertheless, all you need is to download our app and apply it right from your mobile phone.

What do I need to get a loan on Urgent10k?
We keep to our words, no documentation, no collaterals. All you need to make a loan request on Urgent10k are just:

Your details.
Your employment details.
A functional debit card.

How do I apply for a loan on Urgent10k?
Applying for a loan is a very simple process on Urgent10k. Once you are logged into App, navigate to the Loan section and fill in your personal and employment details for a loan request. You can borrow from as little as N5,000 to N100,000.

To download the app on Google Play Store for android devices, CLICK HERE.

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