Glo YouTube Bundle Cheat On Thunder VPN ( 1.5GB & 500MB )

Good day guys, today is another wonderful day that we are going to teach you the latest trick on how to use Glo Youtube Bundle to power all your Applications including Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and Almighty Twitter etc.

With this method we are about to share with you in this article you will be able to browse all applications on your phone with the Glo YouTube bundle using Thunder VPN.

How To Subscribe To Glo YouTube Social Media Data Plan

The Glo Youtube is a time-based plan that comes in four price packs;

  • ₦50 for 1 hour YouTube
  • ₦130 for 3 hours YouTube
  • ₦50 for 5 hours YouTube night bonus
  • ₦200 for 7 hours YouTube night bonus

which the plan is stated to be 1.5GB Glo YouTube plan and 500MB that's why is tag Glo YouTube cheat.  

Requirements For The Glo Youtube Bundle Cheat 

  • Subscribe to the glo youtube plan either the plan of 1.5GB or 500MB. 
  • learn how to subscribe to the plan below or use the *777# and follow the prompt page. 
  • Download thunder VPN here which is the app that will help you to get things done. 

How To Activate The Glo Youtube Bundle Cheat (1.5GB And 500MB) 

  1. First, subscribe to the Glo youtube data plan by dialling *777# and select option 1 follow the next as stated below. 
  2. Now select 1>1>2>2 or 4 which you will see the 1-hour Glo YouTube plan and the 3 hours version. 
  3. Generally, this plan is just for youtube using your Glo network but with the help of thunder VPN, you will be able to browse all apps present on your device. 
  4. Now open the VPN you were asked to download above. 
  5. Turn on your Glo data network when you have subscribed to any of the plans. 
  6. And click on connect on the VPN main menu then it will connect within some minutes. 
  7. Once it’s connected just minimize it and start browsing with either data caps of glue youtube 500mB OR 1.5GB 

Note: The 1.5GB is the 3 hours plan which will stop working after the time limit reaches and the 500MB is the 1-hour plan.  

 Also, you can use the VPN to connect to your log wtf social plan which you can learn how to subscribe to from here as shown above. 

What are your thoughts about this plan let us know in the comment section. 


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