GBWhatsapp v9.00 Apk for Android has been released by Modder Fouad. It comes with new features like no before. The Latest GBwhatsapp Version 9.00 apk is the successor of GBwhatsapp 8.95 that also come with new added features, which it anticipating was the ability to view media sent disappear more than once.

You will get to love this new version when you download GBwhatsapp 9.00 apk for android. Most especially, it fixed a lot of bugs that was spotted in the Old version of the Whatsapp. GBWhatsapp V9.00 come with the entire features on the previous GBwhatsapp v8.95. Furthermore, it went ahead and featured new added features as shown on it’s Changelog.

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GBwhatsapp version 9.00 Features View All Messages sent by contact in group 

 This feature is the first time is appearing on this GBwhatsapp version 9.00. According to the instruction given, user can now be able to see messages sent by a particular individual on a group chat simply by clicking on the  person Username (very easy).

Download for View Once images/video

Whatsapp introduced this features months ago, it enable user to send media such as video and image on group or private chat and it will disappear after receiver viewed it once. With this GBwhatsapp version, you can view it countless times as you want without it disappearing. This features was first seen on the GBwhatsapp previous version. 

Option to change Online Dot color 

Right away, you can now change online Dot color to the color of your choice. Especially if you’re something that likes standing different in everything, then this is for you. Kindly follow FMMods > Home Screen > Rows to make this changes.

 Series of fixed bugs was also seen on this GBwhatsapp version 9.00 which makes it more reasonable for you to update yours asap. 

This fixes include; 

  • Fixed Archive Chat not showing on group tab. 
  • RC-TELEGRAM X recording box bug fixed. Crash when trying to archive a hidden chat fixed. 
  • Fixed Large Empty space in Hidden chat and archived chat. 
  • Fixed Groups with “Admin Only” still showing send message box in some entry styles. 

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