Npower: You Got An Email To Download PPA Letter, But Not Deployed On NASIMS, Please Read This

Please if you are an N-Power Batch C applicant and you got an email to download your Npower PPA letter but on checking your Npower NASIMS portal you saw the message "not deployed yet".

Please if you are having this issue, just use the Npower USSD code to check your N-Power physical verification center, that is the most important thing right now, the Npower USSD code can also be used to check your N-Power deployment status just follow the instructions on the USSD prompt.

All N-Power Batch C applicants have been advised that N-Power physical verification comes first before deployment, right now the most important thing is knowing and locating your Npower physical verification center, it is after an N-Power Batch C applicant is successful from the Npower physical verification before he or she starts talking about deployment.

So the process is N-Power physical verification first which will commence on Friday before deployment, note if an N-Power Batch C applicants fails the N-Power physical verification exercise then he or she will not be deployed even if the N-Power Batch C applicant was initially deployed on the N-Power NASIMS portal.

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