Npower Deployment Letter - Downloading of PPA Letter has been Suspended

The download of PPA letters has been paused by Npower handlers since most volunteers can't follow simple instructions. 

It was clearly stated in the mails that you must do your physical verification first before even thinking of moving to your Primary Place of Assignment (PPA). But most of us are still suffering from the quick-quick syndrome, it seems.

Some fast-and-furious folks have even uploaded their signed & stamped PPA letters on the NASIMS portal. Well that right there is precisely the reason for the pause in the downloading! 

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NOTE: You've to do your PHYSICAL VERIFICATION FIRST as the message prompts whenever you try to download, any attempt to download PPA letter now presents you with a pop up of physical verification date and venue as it below

Npower: Physical Verification To Commence On The 10th September

According to N-Power NASIMS the N-Power physical verification will commence on the 10th of September, (see attached screenshot) in some states it might commence earlier than that date, all Npower Batch C applicants have been advised to wait for the N-Power physical verification before printing and  reporting to their PPA.

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NASIMS further said that all N-Power Batch C applicants will be notified on the next course of action with respect to the N-Power physical verification.

All N-Power Batch C applicants are advised to keep checking their email and NASIMS portal for Npower updates.

Downloads will continue after the verification exercise!

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  1. U said dey are fast and furious
    I believe it was stated on der portal dat the letter should get to PPA within 3days
    U did not alayze that one