Latest Way To save Facebook videos to Gallery (Full step by step)

 How to save Facebook videos 

Saving Facebook videos to your phone is actually much easier than you think. There are multiple proven ways to instantly save any Facebook videos you come across on your android device. Today we’re going to show you guys one of those ways easily save any Facebook video with just a single click.

How to save Facebook videos 

Facebook is the most used social media app you can ever think of. Billions of people worldwide uses Facebook every day but not everyone of them knows how get by some little task on their Facebook, one of those task is saving videos from Facebook directly to your phone storage, apparently this is a task that is a task that can be accomplished with just a single click, even though Facebook doesn’t provide the features for that.

Today we’ll be showing you guys how to save Facebook videos using a popular app known as vidmate. Almost every android phone you come across has vidmate installed on them due to ability to save YouTube videos but what most don’t know is that this app can also be used to save Facebook videos. 

Below are the steps required to save Facebook videos directly to your phone.

Steps on how to save Facebook videos.

Save the Facebook videos can be done in two ways and we’re going to discuss them both below.

How to save Facebook videos

Method 1

  • First download vidmate app by clicking here or downloading from the links section below.
  • Now install the app or follow the steps on how to install from below to successfully install the app.
  • Now launch the vidmate app and click on Facebook icon on the main interface of the app
  • Now you’ll be redirected to login your Facebook details, fill in your details and log in.
  • Now go to the video you want to download and click on it.
  • A download button will appear below the video, click on it.
  • Now select the video quality that suits you and download.
  • Then wait for the video to successfully download.
  • Video will now be available in your phones gallery.
  • That’s it.

Method 2

This method very straight forward and more stress free compared to the first method.

  • First ensure vidmate is installed on your android device.
  • Now go to your Facebook and identify the video you wish to save.
  • Click on the three dots at the top of the video.
  • Now click on copy link
  • Once the link is copied, vidmate automatically prompts you to download the video. 
  • From the notifications panel you can then directly download the video to your device.
  • Cheers!

How to install vidmate

The app is from a third party source, so you might face some difficulties installing the app on your android device. Follew the steps outlined below to easily install the app to your device.

  • First download the app from the the link provided below.
  • Now navigate to your device settings > security > and ensure installation from unknown source is allowed for your device.
  • Now locate the app you recently downloaded from your file manager and install directly.

Download links

Download vidmate app from the link provided below.

How to save Facebook videos

Download vidmate for free below

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