Trick To Download Your N-power PPA Letter Within 1minute 100%Worked

How to Check Npower Batch C Deployment Status via Nasims Portal

Is Npower Deployment status out? How do I check if I have been deployed and sample of acceptance letter giving to organization that you were deployed In this article you shall get the step by step guide to check your deployment status right away and how to write power acceptance letter to organization.

All Npower 2021 Batch C beneficiaries are to login to their NASIM dashboard for their deployment letter.

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How to Check Your Deployment Status

Step 2 login with ur email or NPW-ID and password

Step 3 at the right corner of your dashboard locate Deployment and click it. 

Please you are to download your PPA/deployment letter and take it to your assigned supervisor in your place of primary assignment.

He will have to tick it, give it back to you, you are to reupload the acceptance letter back to NASIMS portal again.

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Npower PPA letter

Npower PPA letter

Here is the Trick To Download Your N-power PPA Letter

So many npower batch c successfully beneficiaries have been finding it difficult to download their N-Power Place of Primary Assinment (PPA Letter) this trick that worked for me and a lot of my friends might also be works for you also.First thing first, make sure you are using latest  Chrome browser or update your Chrome Browser to latest version, Change the view to Desktop View.After that, login to your npower dashboard and locate Deployment, and Tap on the Download PPA Button. (As usual an error message pops up)Ignore the error message and keep tapping the Download Button non stop.As for me, I kept tapping the Download Button for more than 3-5 minutes non stop, till I saw a download completed pop up on my notification.So many people are trying to download at the same time, causing the error message.
All you need is patience.Keep tapping the download button non stop.
This trick worked for me, might also work for you, that's why am sharing with you.Give it a try and let me know if it works for you.
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