How To Make 100$ per Day By Mining Ethereum

 The course price there is going back to $3,000 per coin right now, and every single day I'm making around about seventy-five dollars per day by mining ethereum and then selling it for a profit.

In this article I will teach you how you can go and set up to mine ethereum, now a couple of months ago I went and did a video on how I make 100 per day by mining ethereum and everybody wanted to see a full tutorial on how they could set this up, so they could go out and make money by doing this and actually going and mining this cryptocurrency now.

This is going to be a very fast tutorial for beginners with no confusion, with this tutorial you can setup of mining ethereum within fifteen minutes, the major problem with tutorials on how to mine there is that, a lot of them require difficult stuff, doing all this crazy thing that even I don't understand sometimes and I found the best way that's easy beginner-friendly and this tutorial on mining ethereum will show you exactly.

Why Does Ethereum Have Value?

Ethereum’s era is growing especially thrilling new traits withinside the sensible makes use of cryptocurrency in normal life. The number one price supplied through Ethereum is the capacity to create decentralized applications, which lets in customers connect to 1 some without counting on an intermediary to facilitate the transaction.

Mine Ethereum

Ethereum’s crypto token Ether is produced via a system called “mining.” During the mining system, laptop operators compete with 1 some others to remedy computational troubles to feature blocks to the Ethereum blockchain. Consistently including blocks to the blockchain makes decentralized utility capability possible. Miners are a spine of the Ethereum network — and they're rewarded with Ether tokens.

Trade Ethereum

Trading Ether is a way you may use to make cash from Ethereum with miles decrease access bar. Trading Ether is just like shopping for and promoting stocks of stock. To get started, you’ll open an account with a change that helps the acquisition and sale of Ethereum. Fund your wallet account with Fiat foreign currency. When you accept as true with the charge of Ether is low, convert your fiat foreign money into Ether. Traders then convert their Ether again to fiat (or to a stablecoin like Tether) whilst the charge of Ether rises again.

How you can go and get set up right now within 10 minutes to mine

Now let's get into this tutorial and I want to show you exactly how you can get set up quickly within 10 minutes to start mining ethereum, so you could sell it for money online.

 Step One: 

Is very simple go to google and search for the best ethereum wallets then get the best ethereum wallets now the reason you need a wallet is to store your ethereum, in let me explain to you a couple of things here the ledger NanoS and NanoX these are called ledger hardware wallets and these will save your coins while offline, so they are very secure, reliable and fast, but I would suggest getting any of this ledger hardware.

Now if you want to save your ethereum coins on your mobile and your desktop this is an enormous wallet here named atomic wallet, now with the ledger and Um stuff like that the safer options, you can also view your ethereum coins on desktop, but your ethereum coins are on the blockchain and stuff so it's a lot safer and difficult for people to hack your wallet to get your coins.

To make this tutorial easy just go and download a mobile and desktop wallet if you are new to this and this is what we're going to use to obtain our ethereum address, so you need some sort of wallet where you can get your coins sent to from your mining machine.

However you're mining it whether you're mining it with a single GPU or with a mining RIG, now I would recommend staying away from this wallet I have had trouble with it in the past by getting hacked and I don't know if they've fixed it yet, but I lost around about $20,000 worth of coins in this wallet some time ago.

Now let's move on to the next step go and find yourself a wallet to download it, if you're a complete beginner and you don't have one yet, I recommend the Atomic wallet for now and then to be safer for later on when you've got some more money buy a ledger Nano for a safer option, the next step is you want to go to  

and what you can do is you can see how much money you will make per day from your graphics card, now I'm running eight of these and I make around about a hundred dollars per day, because I have eight so 18 times eight in my currency it's about 150 per day, so go and find your graphics card your GPU. In the list, you will see exactly how much you'll make on average every single day from one card, very simple to do and all you've got to do is times, it depends on how many cards you have, so if you have a mining rig for example that's running um eight-thirty nineties which I doubt you would because these are very rare you would make thirty-five dollars per day times eight.

This price is for one card just times it by the number of cards that you have to get, the total amount of money that you would make per day by mining ethereum, 

Step 2 

you want to head over to and you will scroll down and there are two things you want to do number one you first want to download the windows mining software then install it on your computer, but don't start it yet because you don't need it right now the 

Step 3

go back to and click on get started and what you want to do is you want to create an account follow the steps and create your account then choose a light version or a dark version after created your account there going to be an access key then copy this access key write it down or copy it to somewhere, because theu will need this access key to log in every single time, this access key is now free to have one worker and to get started mining ethereum, you can upgrade if you like, but i will advice you not to  upgrade since you are a new user,  add new worker and choose the type of graphics card that you have.

I'm going to use Nvidia for this tutorial and then the operating system that we will use is windows and then you just want to leave everything like that and you want to go to add worker, this is the best way to set all this up because it's all done for you it's very easy to do now.

Please watch the video below for a full tutorial

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